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Before becoming a blogger, I was a freelancer and thus I have fine knowledge of making money online. My experience says making money online is not a cup of cake, its same as making money offline. You need to work and you should know how to do the work. With this in mind , let me introduce to you another earn money online job typically known as website testing and reviewing or feedback job. So lets get started with  earn money online with website testing.


I am going to share with you some websites that can give you  5-10$ for your 20 minutes(the amount differs from website to website but this is an average).  Yes , you guess it right I am talking about earning money online with website testing . There are some websites operating on internet which pay you for testing out websites and giving your feedback  .

Each time you test their websites which takes upto 20-30 minutes maximum you get paid 5-10 dollars. Once you get known with the work, you can give it more time for better income and end up your search for “how to earn money online?”.  Testing is not any hard , you only have to express what user would typically feel while surfing on their website. You need not to be a strict critic nor a promoter, just be simple and give feedback by placing yourself on the place of a default visitor.  its that simple


  1. Usertesting


With this online platform you can earn $10 to $15 for 20 minute of work. All you need to do is go on the website submit your email address and apply.you will receive an email from their  you will need to take a sample test in which you have test a website and perform 2-3 task which will take 5 minutes. If you get approved (its easy but watch sample vedio on hoe to give the test before taking sample test). The way ahead is full of earning with easy website testing.


  1. Enrollapp

This website too gives you money for testing out websites. All you need to get started is submitting your email address , password and method of testing. When you have done with registration . sit relax, you will emails when assignments will be there for you. Assinments vary from one another as does the payment. Payments are made via  paypal.


  1. Startuplift


Earn by answering questions about new websites. In tthis, company give you their website and some tasks they would like you to complete as to provide feedback and answers.

After completing assignments you need to write and give feedback about what you feel and your thoughts. When you complete the test you are paid $5 . payments are made with paypal.


  1. Trymyui



This website gives $10-15 for one succesfull testing of websites which takes approx. 15-20 minutes. But in this you need to pass a qualification test that will verify that you know what to do and what are testing requirements. Once you qualify you will receive email notification about tests.  You will get weekly payments via paypal.


  1. testingTime

in this you can earn upto euro 50 for your one study. Studies are conducted via skype and payments are made with paypal within 5-10 days. You will get paid only when study is completed. This website like most of others are open for global residents and studies are conducted via skype so you should have skype on your computer with active internet connection.

  1. Whatuserdo

website testing

This website like mentioned above pay you for giving feedback on websites. In order to start earning with whatuserDo all you need  to do is fill out application form and give sample test. If you get approved, you will receive assignments through email and you wil get paid via paypal. Payments are made at 25th day of the month .  for each assignment you get paid euro 8 or around $13 . open for global residents.


  1. Validately

Validately like others hire users for testing out their client websites. Pyments vary from assignments to assignments. You need to complete a 5 minute test and you ge $5. Test are live where you speak via phone and share screen with a moderator and for this you get paid a minimum of $25 for 30 minutes. Pyments are made via paypal within five business days of the tests.


  1. uTest

utest is a company which hire independent workers for testing out their hardware and softwares. For getting started, fill out their application . they will take an audition test to see your technical skills. Then sit relax and wait for assignments to be send via email.


  1. Userlytics


You can earn money with this for providing your feedback on websites, apps, prototypes, concepts and much more. You will be invited for tests once you register for an userlytics account . You will paid $10 per task via paypal.


  1. Userzoom

userzoom website testing

Userzoom conducts website usability tests for their client websites on desktop and mobiles.

They can pay you an average of $5 to $10 depending upon how hard was the task.

You will recieve your reward on paypal . The time taken taken for payment is on an average 0-15 days. A typical study take 15-20 minutes.




  1. Try your luck everywhere, enroll in most of the user testing websites.
  2. Watch sample vedios before giving qualification test.
  3. Use a quiet room for qualification test.
  4. Don’t show yourself to be nervous while giving qualification test.
  5. Try to understand what you have do on different website before procedding.
  6. If you get rejected try again with improvements and finally you will succesced like dollarsway.com .


if you are not satisfied with this earn money only job, you can always read our affiliate marketing guide to earn money online. This is what i trust for making money online.
























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