How to start a blog without any knowledge of html and coding on wordpress in 2018

“How to start a blog without any knowledge of html and coding ”? Well , nice question, if you are thinking of starting a blog for some side income or just for passion but you don’t know what the shit is coding and html. , you are at right place at the right time. Right place because you are at and right time because “its never too late”.

how to start of blog

Change your prospective

I want to give you some advice before you go on reading this article. Ask yourself – why are you thinking of starting a blog.

If your answer is just because I like it , go on , your blog will definitely become successfull with course of time and you end up becoming a online superstar and believe me you can make nice income from blogging.

If your answer is just for earning some money, no harm, but you will need to change your attitude towards blogging. As you can never succesced in blogging with the sole intention of earning. I think you got my point , don’t just think about money so much so that you can not focus on content. Well besides blogging there are many other ways to earn money online , you can checkout these by clicking the link.

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You know what is the ultimate key for a blog to become successfull is SEO and the key to master SEO is backlinks so take a look at our guide on what are backlinks and how to get more backlinks to boost up your search engine rankings.

Enough of advices , lets dive into the steps to start a successfull blog in 2018.

Why to start a blog ? The scope of blogging.

Well, blogging today has been transformed into a multi million dollar business.

People do blogging for making money online. You can earn millions from blogging if you have right strategy.

People do blogging for marketing their business . That’s true, people use blogging as a free marketing tool to increase sells and leads on their website. So if you have got a business , start blogging there to increase sells.

People do blog just for their passion towards writing.

Choose your reason and blog accordingly.

How much it costs to start a blog ?

I think of blogging as a low investment , high profit business. The cost to start a blog is less than $15 with godaddy. You can get a domain from godaddy in less than $5. I am here talking about the cost to get started. I am talking about 1 month subscription. After 1 month you need to renew your hosting in the same price you bought it. Domain from godaddy can be available for you at a price less than $5 for 1 year ,so you have no need to renew your domain subscriptions monthly.

Check out internet for some offers and you can get your investments reduced even.

Free blog !

I have some advice for you, if you are thinking of start blogging just for passion or some experience , better go with one of the free blog available on internet like, blogger etc.

But if you like me treat blogging as business than better invest in it to get return .

A word about wordpress

If you want to blog, you need a blogging platform. These blogging platforms are web applications that you need to install on your hosting. Godaddy allows one click installation of wordpress. I will talk later about installing wordpress on godaddy hosting.

There are many blogging platforms to choose from. WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly are a few.

All have pros and cons, but WordPress is by far the most popular (source), and for good reason. It’s flexible, functional and has a large community of users who share tools and ideas.

Choose your blogging niche

This means choosing the category around which you want to write your articles. If you are thinking of earning money fast from blogging, then choose a blogging niche which is less competitive.

But don’t compromise with your like, if you like to write about fitness. Go ahead and choose it as your blogging niche. If you will work harder than no matters how much time it takes but you will get success.

The goal of every blog should be to become a go-to resources for their niche.

For your kind information, let me tell you three blogging niches which are extensively competing.

1. Fitness

2. Recipes

3. Personal finance

Buy up a domain for your blog website

Buying up a domain is the very first step to establish your online identity. A domain would be your website’s url address or name like name of my blog is and this is the domain I bought from godaddy.

How to buy a domain

There are many domain registrars present on internet today, you can register your desired domain from any of them. I can list some most popular domain registrars on intenet today for you:

Just open any of these domain registrars website , I would prefer, and sign up there.

how to start a blog

Search for your desired domain for example, if you want a website named then search for Check if it is available or already sold, if sold then better find some other name.

how to start a blog

Let me give one more advice : name does not matters at all in the field of content marketing, do you think is a awesome name for a blog, no its not but despite this fact, it is the most popular blog on marketing.

If your desired domain name is available , buy it. This would not cost you more than $15 generally.

After buying up a domain , you need to buy hosting but before we go on to the hosting section , let me give you one more advice.

Buy up hosting and domain from same company like, as it will reduce complexity of the process . If you buy domain from godaddy and hosting from Bluehost , then you will need to point your domain nameservers to bluehost hosting. Things will become difficult for you as a beginner.

Buy hosting service

Buying hosting is nothing but buying a server for your website. This would make your website live on internet 24*7. All your website data and files will be stored on the server and can be accessed by anyone who opens your website.

How to buy hosting ?

how to start a blog

Open website of any hosting seller company like and select your hosting plan according to your requirement. The different hosting plans that godaddy offers are:

1. Starter

Choose a hosting plan which allows you one click installation of wordpresss , jooomla and other web applications.

 how to start a blog

If you are buying hosting on godaddy then have no worries.

After buying up hosting all you need to do is install wordpress on your hosting and then start writing on a blog which you own.

How to install wordpress

how to start ablog
you will find installron in cpanel

If you have bought hosting from godaddy ,you got cpanel hosting . After setting up your hosting , you would be able to open cpanel where you will install wordpress from instrallon or if you want some other web application like drupal , you can do so there.

You have got a blog now, and now you are thinking of making money from it. So you cant miss affiliate marketing to earn money from your blog. To know how just click the link .

If you have choosen wordpress for your blog then you must know about Wpforms checkout our Wpforms review here.

Getting started with wordpress

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