how to write SEO friendly post on wordpress

How to write a SEO friendly post on wordpress ?

In order to rank your blog post higher in google, you need to optimize it according to google’s algorthirm for ranking content.
Being simple, you need to SEO your blog post or write a SEO friendly post so that your content can rank higher in google faster.
As you know, most of the blogs on intenet are managed on wordpress , so today we will be talking about writing SEO friendly
articles on wordpress.

Writing SEO friendly articles on wordpress is easy, you just need to install the yoast SEO wordpress plugin .
The yoast SEO wordpress plugin will help you write SEO friendly articles. I will also explain you this in my words.

1. choose at most 2 focus keywords

Be clear about what you are going to write about. Do not just take your laptop and start typing. Think about how and what you are going to cover in your article. Once your vision is clear then start your keyword research, that means choose a
profitable , long tail , less competitive focus keyword. What does it mean ?
Focus keyword is the keyword in your article for which you are trying to rank your article on google.
For example, i am trying to rank this post for the keyword “how to write SEO
freindly post on wordpress ?” so this is my focus keyword. By doing keyword research , i have found that this keyword has
a high search volume , it is a long tail keyword which is nice for SEO, it is less competitive. So its a perfect match for my focus keyword.

2. Include your focus keyword in your blog post title

This is a proven SEO strategy, you need to include your focus keyword in your post title. For example my focus keyword is
how to write SEO friendly post on wordpress and my post title is – how to write SEO friendly post on wordpress-the definitive
TIP : try to put your focus keyword in front of your title rather than in end.

3. Create a SEO friendly permalink for your post
You would be amazed to know your post’s url do play a fine role in deciding your rankings in google.
Posts with SEO friendly url’s rank higher in google. Now the question arises – how to create SEO friendly url’s ?
Well, the default type of permalinks created in wordpress is something like htttp;// , this is based
on your post number and let me tell you its not good for your SEO . So you should consider changing this, but how ?
You can change the type of url formed automatically by going in your settings tab on wordpress dashboard then
clicking on permalinks and from there choose the most SEO friendly url structure which is of the type
So this type of url structure is most SEO friendly.
TIP#1 : try to shorten your url for improving SEO .
For example , my post title is how to write SEO friendly post on wordpress-the definitive
guide so my url of the post will be http;// to write SEO friendly post on wordpress-the definitive
This is not SEO friendly, so i will like to have a post url something like http;//
I wanted to shorten the url more but remember it will improve your SEO if you include your focus keyword in the url. My words
might seem contrasting to you but believe learning SEO is not so easy.
TIP#2 : include numbers in your url for better SEO experience

4. Use your focus keyword in H2 and H3 headings
OK, you need to include your focus keyword in your H2 headings and also H3 heading if you can to write a SEO friendly post
on wordpress.

5. Use your focus keyword throughout your post
That is important to rank higher in google as when google will recognise your focus keyword and find that your post
include your focus keyword fewerly, this will give them a sign that you are trying to fool google, your post is not about
what you described using your focus keyword. So its important to use focus keyword throughout your post for SEO. This will
ensure google that your post is all about what you describe by your focus keyword.
You focus keyword should contain 2-5 % of your total post words.
TIP#1 : do not use focus keyword a way too much (more than 5-8 %), its called keyword stuffing and its illegal in the eyes of google.

6. Create headings and sub headings wherever necessary
This too will improve your on post SEO as this will ensure better understable content and you know google focuses very much
on content than any other things on your website that is why you see , all post ranking #1 on google are awesome.

7. Link internally
Here comes important part, you need to link internally in your blog post in order to get higher ranking for your post on google.
If you do not know , what i mean when i say link internally, let me tell you.
Linking internally means creating links on your post linking to other contents or blogposts on your own website or blog.

8. create outbound links
this is what not everybody tells you, every one who has fine knowledge of SEO will tell you link internally for better SEO results.
But they dont emphasize on linking to other websites which is also good for SEO. So i think you got my point. Try to link to others
website too whenever necessary but not a way too much. The external links should not be more than internal links. Its not any rule but
this line i just want to emphasize that linking internally is more important.

9. Include photo, infographic, vedios etc in your post
This is what you need to do as a must, you should include atleast 3-4 images in your post making it more informative.
A informative contet can be called awesome and google loves awesome content.
Including vedios can also contribute in higher ranking for your blogpost.

10. Write SEO friendly meta description and meta title

Earlier Google used to emphasize more and more on meta description to rank pages on Google but now trend has changed.

But still meta description plays a important role in SEO .

Write a nice meta title including your focus keyword at the beginning of possible.

In the meta description, write down a brief summary of your article and include focus keyword in it.

Also include focus keyword in slug

That were 10 awesome SEO hacks to use while writing articles in wordpress.

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