WpForms ! Have you ever heard this word. If you have some knowledge of wordpress ,you must be knowing about or might be using it . Well i think, mostly all websites required at least one simple contact form to be place on their contact us page or advertisement page. So a form plugin is a must have wordpress plugin for wordpress websites. . But which form plugin to choose and why to choose. May be WPforms ? lets checkout :

wordpress form plugins

WPforms all features : the ultimate form plugin for wordpress websites

The most used wordpress form plugin is wpforms plugin and it has a great rating(4.9 stars on over 1700 reviews). We will look at this wordpress form plugin in detail and look at its features other than making a simple contact form.

WPFORMS the best wordpress form plugin

Core features wpforms plugin

#1. The drag and drop editor that makes it simple and easy for beginners create custom forms.

#2. Spam protection for keeping your form submissions spam free.

#3. Premade templates for common form types to save your time.

#4. conditional logic for displaying different form fields based on how visitor answers previous fields.

#5. option to view form submissions on your wordpress dashboard and a option to recieve email notifications.

that was just for your kind information, but besides these, wpforms have something more features for you to offer:

#1. Payment forms

#2. login and registration forms

#3. surveys

#4. email-opt in forms

#5. guest post submission form

Using WPforms editor

lets make you familier with the simplicity of making a form in wpforms by making a simple contact form.

getting started with wp forms

when you open WPforms and choose new form option , you see different types of templates for a prebuilt form types to save your time as instead building everything from scratch , you just need to edit as needed.

as for now i choose simple contact form, once you choose the form type , you will see options to edit the form and live preview on the right.

making simple contact form in wpforms

Wpforms includes a wide variety of form fields that you can choose from on the basis of type of information you want to collect. For example, if you are interested in collecting person’s website url , you can use the premade website field.

WPforms contains many other form fields to insert into your form like file uploads, ratings etc. you can add a field just by dragging it on live preview side.

to edit the actual form fields just click on them and then edit the label, format or required option etc as needed.

That was easy.

Configuring general form settings

After adding fields and making your form look like what you want, its time to configure some general setting

general setting wpforms

Spam settings will help you avoid spam submissions without requiring your users to enter a captcha (though you can add CAPTCHA if you want)

Notifications: Wpforms will store the entry on your wordpress dashboard.

confirmation: these settings are need to be configured in order to decide what the visitor will see after submitting the form.

Inserting the form on your desired location

once you are done with customizing form and configuring settings,all you need to do is save your form and click the embed button to acess the shortcode.

embedding wpforms form i post

The power of WPforms other than making simple form

  1. Create a survey or a poll to engage visitorswith this survey and polls ad-on , you can create detailed survey polls and simple multiple choice polls to collect feedback.
  2. Accept payment as a part of a form with this ad-on , you can use wpforms to collect payment or donations.
  3. Create a custom login or registration form
  4. let users submit blog posts from the frontend of your site

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