Blogging Salary- How much do Bloggers Really Make

Blogging salary

Blogging salary! Yeah, I keep on telling people through my blog to start a blog of their own. But why I do that?

Yeah, I want my readers to gain financial freedom but the real solid reason that fits every blogger is- we want our readers to make affiliate sales for us. And that’s why we keep on recommending stuff and ideas.

Don’t know what affiliate marketing is? Read it here: Affiliate marketing guide

Affiliate marketing is what makes the most money for bloggers.

You would be seeing the ads like below on most of the sites you visit and they are mostly found on blog websites.

passive income ideas and blogging salary

These ads are operated by Adsense and other ad network and Adsense pays the webmaster to show these ads on their website. This is yet another way blogs make money.

Bloggers do make money and that’s true. But I think you know that and you are here to get to know how much. Wait, I will be talking about the blogging salary soon.

If you have read those bold lines carefully in the above paragraphs, you would have got- “how bloggers make money?”.

Yeah! bloggers earn by running ads on their website and using affiliate marketing. There are other methods too but these two are most used.

What is required to make money blogging?

That’s a nice question. Not every blogger earns a handsome blogging salary.

So what thing is required for a blog to be successful and make money?

The real simple answer is TRAFFIC.

No, not that roadside traffic. I am talking about website visitors. If none is visiting your website, then probably you are never gonna earn a blogging salary. You can only make money from a blog if you have regular visitors visiting your blog articles.

How are you gonna get those regular visitors? No, facebook sharing and Twitter sharing is not gonna work until you have a massive following.  And I think as a beginner blogger you don’t have that.

The thing that will give you real regular visitors to make money out of your blog is SEO. If you have been in the world of blogging for a while, you would have probably heard this word day and day out.

The word SEO stands for search engine optimization. You are not gonna get much traffic from any other source on your blog other than search engines like Google.

If you are an absolute beginner then let me tell you how you are going to get regular tons of traffic from Google or other search engines.

You have a blog, you write articles on it. You finished up writing the article and hit the publish button. Guess what? Noone is gonna see your article. Except for those whom you told to see personally.

If you want people to see your article, you need search engines to rank it on the first page of search engine results.

Don’t understand? Suppose your article was about “how to box?”. Now, if anyone typing in google “how to box” will see your article on 1st position then most probably they will visit your webpage for the information.

This way you are gonna get regular visitors. You can use the link below to learn some On-page SEO.

On-page SEO guide

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Sorry, but I can’t write more on SEO as this is a very broad subject and this article is here to serve you some other info that is how much bloggers make i.e blogging salary. Let’s get back to the main question:

Blogging salary- how much do bloggers make?

Blogging is awesome as this is the ultimate make money online way. Bloggers do make a lot of money. I still don’t but others do. Till this date, I am not making even some dollars blogging still I keep on blogging.

I keep on investing my time and money on blogging. You know why? Because once I start making money blogging, there is no limit to how much I can earn.

Don’t believe me, down is the evidence.

Top 5 Blogs making the most Money

Wanna know how much you can earn, just check out this list and you will get to know. This list will get you an idea of the limit of blogging salary.

This data has been sourced from

1. Huffington Post

Huffington post is a news blog. And this blog is making the most money.

I don’t think such a large blog is handled by a single person moreover I don’t know him. But I do know how much this blog makes.

That’s $14,000,000 per month. Yeah, that’s terrific. I don’t have any idea how much big this money is but I do know its bigger than most people’s wildest dreams.

Think of the yearly revenue of this blog. I can’t handle such a big calculation so let me know in the comments section- how much HuffPost makes in a year?

2. Engadget

Engadget is a gadget review website. So it’s easy to guess that this website makes most of the revenue through affiliate marketing.

Engadget is the blog that’s generating the second most money with a monthly revenue of $5,500,000 per month.

3. Moz

I talked about SEO earlier. This blog is fully dedicated to the search engines. Moz has been so significant name in the world of SEO that some people interrupts SEO as Moz SEO.

With a monthly revenue of $5,500,000 per month, this blog was founded by Rand Fishkin.

This blog is huge and so is its community.

4. TechCrunch

Techcrunch is a tech blog. This blog is insanely popular.

The monthly revenue of this blog is about $2,500,000 per month.

5. Mashable

$2,000,000 is the monthly revenue of this blog. And this blog has been in the game for as long as 12 years.


Can you make so much money from your blog?

Yes, you can. Yeah, you heard it right. You can also make such a large income from your blog and it is definitely possible.

These guys making millions of dollars monthly from blogging are nothing special. But yes they are hard-working, smart and they do have patience.

You need not be always smart to make money blogging and sometimes also not hard-working. But you need to have patience if you wanna make money blogging.

Blogging takes time

Blogging is a slow game. You need to invest a lot of your time and some of your money in blogging. Yet success is not guaranteed if you have not worked smartly. Smartly means just following the trends not outdated fashion.

The list of top blogs making the most money may have motivated you to start a blog today. That’s good but as I said blogging is a slow game, you would need to wait a long to see such success.

The blogs above like Mashable, HuffPost, Moz and every other blog in the list have been in existence for at least 10 years.

That does not mean you would need to wait so long to earn a blogging salary. If you are doing things right you can easily make thousands of dollars monthly from blogging in just a year.

Now we are aware of the fact that blogging is a get rich scheme. And we are also aware of the fact that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.

Average blogging salary

This data has been sourced from

A survey of 1000 bloggers showed that-

Only 17% of bloggers can really make a living by blogging.

81% of bloggers cannot even make $100 from blogging.

And the other 2% of bloggers were able to make $150k from blogging by just working 2 hours a day.

The conclusion

It’s time to give a realistic answer to your question- How much bloggers really make?

81% of bloggers never make money out of their blog. So speaking in general, bloggers don’t make any money until they are not in other 19%. I am still not in the 19%.

19% of bloggers do manage to make handsome money from their blog. Which is sufficient to support their family. But this takes at least 6 months to make money blogging.

Blogging is hard these days. Getting identified as a blogger by the good amount of audience and earning a blogging salary takes time. Moreover blogging is getting competitive and that’s why success is still not guaranteed.

If you want to compete with the competition you would need to stay out of the competition and try to do what others are not doing.

Thank you for reading. I hope this post gave you an idea of blogging salary. In this post, I have only talked about bloggers owing their own blogs. In general, bloggers blogging for others have different salaries depending on their bosses.

If you are now ready to rock in the field of blogging, this post will get you started-

How to start a blog?- the right way

I have something more for you-

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