Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers to Prevent Failure in 2019

blogging tips for newbie bloggers

Blogging Tips? Yeah, Out of approx 164 million blogs operating on the Internet. Only 10-20% of them actually makes money. The other 80% never get to see how traffic looks like.

blogging tips for newbie bloggers

And this percentage of successful blogs keep on decreasing with increasing competition. These facts clearly indicate that most of the new blogs going to start in 2018 and beyond will fail.

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If you are currently owning a new blog then this article on blogging tips is for you. You own a blog and if you are smart, by now you would have started working on strategies to make your blog a success.

If you are not thinking of plans and strategies right now, sorry to say but most probably you are also gonna fail.

This might sound harsh but believe me, content marketing is no more a place to try luck. It is full of competition in 2018 whatever your niche may be. Most blogs will fail in 2019 for sure.

But thank yourself for landing on this page. This article is all about how newbie bloggers should blog to prevent failure with my blogging tips. Through this article, I have done some hard work on your behalf and I am giving you a solid bulletproof strategy on how to blog on your new blog so that you don’t fail like others.

In this article, we are gonna look at common mistakes newbie bloggers make that you should avoid, best blogging tips for newbie bloggers to use and SEO tips for new blogs to stand out. So as a whole this article is about how to make your blog a success. These blogging tips would ensure you don’t join the 80% failures.
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Do you know why most bloggers fail?

There are many reasons why bloggers fail. They would fail if they have done one or more mistakes from below:

  • They have wrong Blogging Mindset
  • They have the wrong content strategy
  • Their promotion strategy is wrong or not up to the marks
  • They are not doing SEO the right way
  • They are lacking in other blogging sectors like email marketing or monetization

We need to make sure that we don’t fail so for this we need to avoid any of these 5 mistakes. You need to have a good content strategy, a good promotion strategy, a good SEO strategy and a good mindset of course. To make sure you have all that, my blogging tips are here to help you.

So first we need to get our mindset for blogging before we can make our blog a success.

Let’s begin with Blogging Tips To succeed


Get the blogging mindset

You are a newbie bloggers and most probably you are not fully aware of the blogging world. Don’t worry, I will make you aware of this world.

1. Blogging takes time

blogging tips for newbie bloggers

Blogging is a get rich scheme for sure but it’s not a get rich quick scheme.


I mean to say, things take time to start giving results in blogging. You would not get thousands of readers on your blog the very next day you launched it.

It would take at least six months to start getting traffic to your blog. This is the six-month rule of blogging. And it works for real.

By this, I don’t mean that you can’t get traffic before six months. You can get it but in general, it would take at least six months.

Many newbie bloggers start a blog, work on it for the first 1-2 months and expect results in the later 2-3 months. But they don’t get to see the results. They feel disappointed and they quit.

This is their biggest mistake.

The key is if you wanna own a successful blog, you need to have patience. This is my first of all blogging tips that you need to understand. Blogging teaches us a lot of things to apply in real life too like having patience. Isn’t it?

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2. Don’t treat blogging as a side income source

If you are a newbie bloggers, then most probably you would treat blogging as a side income source that will grow on the side.

And this would be your another biggest mistake.

You need to treat blogging as this is your primary source of income and work accordingly.

You cannot afford to treat blogging as a side income idea and give it only 1-2 hours. You need to give it at least 5-6 hours. And I say at least to make it a success.

You can reduce the time you spend working on your blog once you have a steady flow of visitors on your blog. But not giving your blog enough time in the early days is a huge mistake and you should avoid that.

3. Blogging is hard

Blogging tips for newbie bloggers

Don’t ever feel like owning a successful blog is easy. Not at least in 2019.

The fact is blogging is hard these days, with search engines getting smarter and smarter SEO is getting hard with no black hat tricks working.

Competition is increasing. You are competing against millions of other bloggers and you can not afford to think that it would be easy.

4. Blogging do need investments

blogging tips for newbie bloggers

Many people think that their blog would become a success without them having to invest in it.

I don’t think so. If you want to get returns you need to invest. That’s true. What you get without any investments of time or money are not returns. They are gifts. And I suppose you are not here to wait for gifts to come in. Understand that you would need to invest your money on your blog to see results fast.

You need to invest in a fast theme, an SEO tool, maybe some premium plugins, email marketing software and a lot of other things.

I am not saying you need to buy all that at once. Do it slowly but never feel like you don’t need them.

You competence would be using premium tools and this can make you a little backward if you don’t use them.


Content Tips to Succeed and Mistakes to Avoid Failure

The aim of all these tips is to make sure that you create great content as Google has already said that Content is 1 of the 2 most dominant SEO factor. The other being back links.

5. Get inspired but don’t copy content

blogging tips for newbie bloggers

Many a time, newbie bloggers are not aware of the terms like copyright content and plagiarism. What they do when they fall short in content or when they don’t know anything about their topic is they copy content from other sites and paste it on theirs.

And this harms their website and their SEO. You need to understand that copying content as a whole is an offense in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

You should not copy content as a whole from other websites and paste it on yours as this can get your website penalized by Google(not always) and you will end up before starting. If your website does not get penalized(in most cases it will not) but for sure you will not be able to rank higher with copied content.

You can copy some lines from different websites but for the best, you should use terms like “according to” and “the source from” for the website from where you have taken the lines. I use content from other sites but I do it smartly by acknowledging them.

You can get inspired by others post and write about the same topic but it should be your own version, you own genre that may look like the inspired content but it should not look like copied content.

BOTTOM LINE: Plagiarism is copying content from other sites without their permission or acknowledging them. And Google can penalize you for that. Be smart when you want to use content from other sites.

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6. Be Yourself while writing

You are a newbie beginner and you don’t have writing experience most probably. What some of you will do now is you will go and check out other famous blog writers in your niche. And you will try to imitate their style.

But that’s wrong, you should be original while writing articles. Copying someone others styles will make your audience look like you are a bit fake and they would not be able to connect with you.blogging tips for newbie bloggers Remember with your blog you are also trying to build a brand named you. So you need to original.

If you will be original while writing, you would write better for sure as you would not have any pressure to write like someone particular.

BOTTOM LINE: Write as you talk

7. Engage with your Reader and be Interesting

You might think how I write does not make any difference as long as I am able to give valuable information.

But wait, this is 2018 and your readers just have millions of choices to choose from. Still, if you want your readers to read only your content, you need to be their favorite and none likes boring content.

So you would need to engage with the audience while writing like using “you” and “me” in your articles to build a connection. You would need to sound interesting.

Your article can be more interesting if you give your readers research data, again and again, to support your claims moreover this would gain you your audience trust.

Your articles can be more interesting if you share your incidents and others case studies in it. There are any more tips you can use to sound interesting. All you need to do some research.

8. Use On-page SEO while writing articles

On-page SEO is also referred to as article SEO. On-page SEO will make your article more user-friendly and moreover more search engine friendly. So before you write too many articles on your new blog, I would recommend you to learn some on-page SEO and then use them while writing articles.

Use this link to learn: on page SEO techniques

9. Write in the Simple language

You might think that using heavy words and proverbs in your article can make you look like a pro writer in front of your audience. But that’s not always the case. Complex sentences can make your articles less understandable by non-native English speakers like me.

Simple English would ensure that your readers are getting what you want to say fast. Thus they will keep on reading otherwise if they would need 1 minute to read your lines and 2 minutes to understand then most probably they would find an alternative for you.

10. Avoid Grammer and Spelling Mistakes

blogging tips for newbie bloggers

If you are a newbie blogger who is not a native English speaker then for the best you should use some grammar checker tools while writing like Grammarly.

I use it because I am not confident in my English. Moreover, this tool is showing me mistakes while I am writing. This saves a lot of time.

The wrong grammar and spellings would hurt your status as a writer and your readers could think of you as some amateur writer. And thus the chances they will convert are lesser.

So make sure you avoid any grammar mistake and spelling mistakes.

11. Write In-Depth Long form content

You might think that this is an SEO tip. As most of the articles that rank on Google’s first page are over 2000 words.

But more than that what I think is long-form content gives your audience a clear insight into your knowledge and personality. Thus your audience feels connected while reading and thus they convert more.

On the other hand, short-form content is not appreciated by Google anymore. In-depth content makes sure your audience get every detail and they would not check out other sites to look for other information.

12. Break up your article in small paragraphs

Readers hate long ugly paragraphs. So for user experience make sure you write short paragraphs. You would have noticed that I don’t write paragraphs more than 3-4 lines.

13. Make your articles Scannable

What I mean by that is you should make the best use of h1-h6 tags in your articles. You should be using a table of content for longer posts. And most important, you should always write a conclusion for your article.

All these tactics would ensure that your audience looking for a specific section of blog post don’t feel stuck. And people who don’t have time to read the entire article can get all important info from the conclusion.

Moreover using h1-h6 tags in your articles is one of the crucial on-page SEO tactics.

14. Create more content

If you are a newbie blogger who is just starting out. I would recommend you to focus only on creating content for the first 2-3 months. Then you can focus on other things like promotion and SEO.

15. Create skyscraper content

This technique was introduced by Brian Dean- founder of backlinko. According to him creating skyscraper content is the best way to grow your blog fast. As skyscraper content attracts more backlinks.

Skyscraper content is inspired content which is better than the inspiration and has much more detail.

But that does not mean each of your articles should be skyscraper content but each of your articles should be great.

All these blogging tips I shared till now will make sure you create great content. Because without that you will never gonna succeed.


Promotion Tips to use and Mistakes to avoid

These tips are aimed to make sure you don’t lack in your content and blog promotion strategy.

16. Find Influencer and Connect

In the content section, I shared with you some essential tips to create great content. As great content is the first step towards building a successful blog. But if you are a low DA new blog, no matter how great your content is, none is gonna notice it except your friends.

Don’t think that you will create great content and some influencer will somehow visit your website, he will share it and it will go viral. This would not happen in reality. You will need to promote your content by your own.

Because as a newbie blogger you would not be getting search engine traffic thus you need to find other sources of traffic like social media. And at this phase, you should focus on promoting your blog and getting the word out.

Connecting with influencers is the best way to grow your blog fast if you are a newbie.

According to, these are some benefits of reaching out to influencers:

  • Building Back Links/Enhancing SEO: Whenever someone posts a link leading directly to your website, it is known as a backlink. Not only is this useful for getting traffic to your website, but it’s a factor used by search engines to track relevant content.
  • Getting Social Media Mentions: One of the best ways to develop credibility is to have someone who already has authority to vouch for you. A social media mention is key to finding new customers.
  • Having Credible Reviews: If an authority in your niche gives a (positive) review of your product or service, it’s going to really boost sales and recognition.
  • Learn From the Best: Regardless of your expertise or profession, there is always an opportunity to learn more. People are usually willing to lend advice, and at the very least, you can pick up some of their behavior and integrate it into your own practices.

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17. Use Guest Blogging to grow fast

Guest blogging is writing for other blogs in order to grow your blog. Guest blogging on other blogs has a significant importance in blogging. As sometimes guest blogging is all that you need to get a breakthrough.

Guest blogging can earn you backlinks, guest blogging can get you traffic from other sites to your site and most importantly guest blogging can increase your domain authority for the long term.

18. Focus on one social media channel

While there are many social media platforms out there. As a newbie blogger, you should only focus only on any one of them for traffic. In most cases, Facebook is all enough.

Don’t waste your time promoting your blog on each and every social media channel. But you should be active on more and more social media platforms.

19. Make your Content more shareable

What I mean by this is connect your site to all major social media platforms. Include social sharing icons in your blog post. So that people can share them from there. Use click to tweet features.

You should also use social media follow icons on your site so that people can follow you.

All These blogging tips I shared till now will make sure you create great content and promote it nicely without any mistakes.

SEO Tips to use and Mistakes to avoid

These SEO tips are aimed to ensure that you don’t follow any spammy SEO trick and get penalized by Google. And moreover, you don’t make any SEO mistake and always use Latest working SEO tactics.

20. Don’t focus on SEO more in the beginning

When you are just starting out, SEO should not be your first priority. As said your first priority would be content and then promotion.

Wasting your time in off-site SEO, off page SEO and technical SEO is waste of time if you are a complete newbie.

You can focus on SEO more once you think you have enough content on your site and now when you can reduce your publishing frequency.

Please note when I say don’t focus on SEO, I don’t mean on-page SEO. You should be using On-page SEO while writing your articles. This would ensure that you would not need to edit your content afterward.

21. Keyword Research is still Important

The mistake that most newbie bloggers make is not doing keyword research and keep on creating content without keyword research.

And this mistake can make your blog die soon. As keyword research is still an important on-page SEO tactic that you can’t afford to ignore. You need to target keywords that you can rank for.

Without keyword research, you will end up targeting no search volume keywords or keywords that you can never rank for.

If you are using keyword research then might be you are doing the mistake below.

22. Keyword Stuffing is Punishable

Sometimes newbie bloggers try to stuff keywords throughout their post after creating content. And this leads to keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing can get you penalized by Google so you should better avoid it.

You should use keywords in a way that looks original and you should just use the right keyword density, not too much more nor too less. And you are good with keyword optimization. Remember including keywords in image alt tags is also important.

23. Don’t Waste your Time on competitive keywords

This is the mistake that most newbie bloggers make and thus fail. In the beginning, bloggers want to write about big topics like make money online and what is SEO etc.

This is their big mistake. They need to understand that these are highly competitive keywords. And it’s nearly impossible for new sites to rank for such keywords. That’s why you should not waste your time creating content on such wide subjects, and if you wish to do that then don’t expect results from search engines when you are just starting out.

24. Target Long-Tail Keywords

As a newbie blogger, it’s hard to rank in google for short keywords like what is affiliate marketing because of high DA big websites like Wikipedia covering these topics.

What you can do is target long tail keywords like “what is affiliate marketing for newbie bloggers”. These long tail keywords will have low search volume than the shorter once. But that’s how you can rank high in google if you are just starting out or have low DA.

25. Meta Title and description are very Important

You know it, but for just you remember- meta titles and description is still very important SEO aspect.

You should always include your keywords in meta title and description. If you are not paying attention to meta title and description, this might be your biggest SEO mistake.

26. Use CTR optimized Meta Title

CTR stands for click-through rate. I think CTR is a very important SEO aspect that helps you rank 1 once you hit the first page of Google.

If you headlines are CTR optimized, more people are gonna click it and this will send Google a message that this webpage is what user wants for that keyword and thus Google will rank it higher on SERP.

27. Backlinks are Important

Nowadays, the quantity of backlinks does not matter but quality does. If you are having thousands of backlinks from low DA websites then this is not going to work. And if you are having only one backlink from high DA quality sites like Forbes then it can make a great impact on your rankings.

The bottom line is backlinks are still important and you should aim for them but only for quality backlinks from high DA websites.

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28. Don’t buy backlinks

Many newbie bloggers find it hard to build backlinks and thus what they do is get involved in spammy link building tactics like buying links but that’s what Google hates the most.

Google can penalize you for that. You need to understand that link building is a slow process like hitting the first page of Google.

29. Focus on User experience and Speed

blogging tips

This is getting more and more important as Google has already declared that user experience on websites is a ranking factor through its rankbrain update.

How much time a user spends on your website is what Google uses to track user experience. Make your website design good so that people like it and stay on your website at least for some time.

Your website should load fast. For this, you can use AMP framework for mobiles. And you should make sure your site is mobile friendly. The bottom line is you should take user experience into consideration in your content marketing strategy.

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Good user experience can lead to more conversions and higher rankings.

30. Internal Linking is The Key

According to my blogging experience and many successful bloggers- Internal linking is a crucial on-page SEO tactic that can increase your domain authority.

Blogging tips for newbie bloggers

Internal linking helps you spread your authority throughout your site and help rank it better on search engines.

The bottom line is you should use internal links throughout your website and this would be very beneficial for your SEO.

30. Don’t try to fool search engines, you will get penalized

blogging tips

Many bloggers finding it hard to get traffic from search engines. Often become disappointed and try to use some black hat SEO tricks. But remember black hat SEO tricks are no more going to work. And Instead of getting the traffic you will get penalized by Google. So remember that you don’ do mistakes that get you penalized like below.

  • Cloaking: Cloaking is a black hat SEO strategy that some webmasters use to fool search engines. They program their web pages for two type of visits. Visit by a google bot and a normal user. I don’t know much about this as I never ever use Blackhat SEO.
  • Doorway: This is yet another black hat SEO strategy, you should avoid
  • Hidden text, Mirror pages, Hidden links: These are some popular black hat SEO strategy you should never use.

All these blogging tips I shared in the SEO section would make sure you rank in Google as fast as you can without getting penalized.


Email Marketing Tips to Grow Fast

Before I begin with blogging tips in email marketing section to build a healthy list and keep getting traffic always. I would like to give you a definition of email marketing.

According to
Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective email marketing converts prospects into customers, and turns one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Here we begin with the solid email marketing tips:

31. Build Email lists from Day 1

This is where most bloggers fall short, they don’t give importance to building an email list. And this can be their biggest mistake.

By building an email list you ensure that you don’t rely only on search engines for traffic. You will not keep ranking on Google every time. And It might be possible that you can get penalized by Google for one of your silly mistakes.

If you would have a healthy email list then you would be able to give your blog a continuous supply of traffic.

Building an email list will help you get connected with your readers. And it is true that subscribers convert more than first-time visitors and that’s why you should build an email list from Day 1.

How to start building an email list:

You would need an email marketing tool like optinMonster or MailChimp. MailChimp provides a free trial and optinMonster is premium.

You would need to build a new list then sign forms and pop-ups to capture emails. You would need to keep growing your email list.

Anytime you publish new articles, you should email your subscribers about that. With these email marketing tools, you can automate these actions or do it with a click.

After all email marketing is all about building a list and sending emails to the list members.

32. Capture subscribers with Slide-ins and pop-ups

These email marketing tools give you an option to create a sign-up form, pop-ups, embeds, and slide-ins to capture visitors email and add them to the list.

Hustle plugin is also an awesome plugin I use to create pop-ups, embeds, and slide-ins. Hustle can be combined with your email marketing tools like MailChimp or optinMonster.

Get more Email marketing tips for beginners at Email Marketing Tips to increase subscribers

These blogging tips would ensure you have a healthy email list and you will not rely only on search engines for traffic.


Besides reading these blogging tips, In order to make sure your blog doesn’t fail. The first thing you need to ensure is that you don’t make any mistakes.

The next things you should focus on is what must you should do. And the last- what things you can do the stand out of the competition

When it comes to content, creating great content should be your first priority as a beginner. Then you should look for other opportunities give your blog a push like guest blogging and connecting with influencers within your niche.

You should be avoiding black hat SEO strategies and should focus on tactics that are currently working like keyword optimization, backlinks and user experience. Optimizing meta titles and description for your keyword is important and keep an eye on CTR.

If you follow these basic blogging tips correctly with some of your own experiments then you would surely not fail.

blogging tips for newbie bloggers

At last, I would like to say be patient and don’t feel disappointed if you don’t get instant results.

Although, there was no rocket science explained in this article still I think that these blogging tips are very beneficial for newbie bloggers who are just starting out and thinking what to do and what not to do.

So please share these blogging tips with each and every of your friend who own a blog or might own in future.

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