Grammarly Review: What is Grammarly and Why to Use Grammarly

Grammarly review

A Grammarly Review? Yes, I have been using Grammarly tool for a long now. This tool is getting popular and popular. So, I felt like I should write something about this Grammarly. So that my audience can get to know about it and can use it for blogging better. 

Let’s get started with The Grammarly Review?

What Grammarly Tool Exactly Is?

If you are looking for a Grammar and spelling checker tool for proofreading then the free Grammarly Chrome extension tool is for you.

Grammarly is a free tool that works as chrome extension that helps you write better by correcting every grammar and spelling mistake you do while writing articles on your chrome browser. When you use this tool, this tool makes sure your writing is error-free as well as classy. Check the image below:

Grammarly review

This tool is just more than an ordinary proof-reading tool because

  • Grammarly is fast: It tells your mistakes when you are still writing and give you suggestion to correct it on the go. It saves a lot of time unlike WordPress proofread writing tool. You need not click any specific button to start proofreading, it starts proofreading every time you start writing on chrome.

grammarly review

  • Grammarly helps you write like a pro

Grammarly ReviewGrammarly review

Grammarly Premium Features

When you upgrade your free Grammarly tool to premium one, you get to see the full power of Grammarly. You will then realize that Grammarly is more than just #1 proofreading tool.

It has to offer some other cool things other than proofreading.

Down I list some Grammarly premium features:

1. Get to see Full Power of Grammarly: According to Grammarly :

Grammarly Premium is a paid upgrade that offers over 400 types of checks and features, checks for grammatical errors, provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions, detects plagiarism, and provides citation suggestions.

Grammarly Review

2. Plagiarism Checker: Grammarly Premium feature includes plagiarism checker. Plagiarism checker tool is a must for bloggers. And it’s great if you get a proofreading tool combined with it. Honestly, I did not found free plagiarism checker tools reliable and they often put condition like “no more than 1000 words”. So if you are looking for plagiarism checker, then going with Grammarly is best.

Plans and Pricing

Grammarly free plan is good but the premium version is just more than awesome. If you want to use Grammarly’s paid plan, you can refer to the plans and pricing below.

Grammarly premium version comes in two types of plans, Individual plan, and Team plan.

As the names suggest, Individual plans are for one member individually and the team plan is for minimum three members. Team plan for those who own a business or company and have a lot of writers to write content.

Individual and Team plan is both offers the same features unless it comes to the number of users that can use the account.

Grammarly Individual Plan

Grammarly Individual plan can be purchased as a monthly billed plan, quarterly billed plan or annually billed plan.

When you buy Grammarly for a month it will cost you $29.5 a month. When you buy Grammarly on a quarterly basis, it will cost you $19.98 per month. And when you buy Grammarly for a year it will cost you $11.66 per month.

Take a look at the photo below:

Grammarly review


Grammarly Business Plan/Team Plan

The Grammarly business plan is a perfect fit for enterprises and businesses. Individuals don’t need these plans.

Grammarly business plan is billed annually on a basis of $10 per member. The minimum number of members for the business plan is 3. That means you need to pay at least $30 per month for a business plan. This cost will increase if you increase the number of the member from 3.

Grammarly Review


How to install Grammarly and start using it

You can install the Grammarly Chrome extension by

  • Visiting
  • On their website, you can click on add to chrome icon

Grammarly review

  • Once you click on add to chrome, you will be required to sign up.
  • Once you fill details and proceed, you will be asked few questions to personalize Grammarly for you

Grammarly Review

  • Fill out this form and click continue and you will see something like below, click on continue to save settings

Grammarly Review

  • Now, you will be asked whether you want the free version or paid one. Choose according to your preference and click. If you want to premium, you can click on “get Grammarly premium” and follow up.

Grammarly review


Should Bloggers use Grammarly?

Yes, absolutely. Grammarly is a tool designed for writers.

  • If you are a blogger then Grammarly or any other proofreading tool is a must for you. Wrong grammar and spelling mistakes can affect conversion rates. We, bloggers, need to write a lot of emails to reach out of influencers and websites, we need to make sure that these emails are good, classy as well as free of errors thus Grammarly can be a great tool for us.

If you use wrong Grammar and spelling on your blog, your audience can think of you as some amateur writer and this can damage your blog’s reputations.

Moreover, If you are a non-native English speaker like me then the Grammarly tool is for you.

I am weak in English, that’s why I use Grammarly. Grammarly will make your write confidently and better.

Can You Use Grammarly Offline

You can use Grammarly offline by downloading their pc application. Which is a good choice in case you don’t use WordPress or you write offline.

Are there any alternatives to Grammarly?

Alternatives are always there whatever the case is. But you should always go with #1. There are many other proofreading tools available in the market. But there is no tool which can be ranked above then Grammarly when it comes to ease of use and advantages.


The Grammarly Review:  Conclusion

According to me, Grammarly is better than any other tool and I recommend it personally and that’s why I wrote this Grammarly review.

The Free version of Grammarly is all okay but the paid version can give you more features. In this Grammarly review, I have focussed Grammarly mainly as a proofreading tool but remember, Grammarly is a plagiarism checker tool too if you are a paid user.

If you are a WordPress user and a Blogger then Grammarly tool is must for you. As the inbuilt WordPress proofreading tool just tells you spelling mistake but Grammarly is an advanced tool licensed by 600+ corporations and universities.

My experience with Grammarly is good and I have been using it for long. Now it’s your time to switch to Grammarly and start writing confidently and error-free.

Please do comment below your thoughts and what do you think about this Grammarly review. Share this if you have got some time.

Thanks for reading this Grammarly review.

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