How to start a blog which You Own in 2019

How to start a blog?

Well, nice question, if you are thinking of starting a blog then go ahead this is an awesome idea.

And congrats, you landed on the right page. In this thorough guide on “how to start a blog”, I would not only tell you technical steps required to start a blog but also everything you need to make it a success and make money from it.

If you don’t mind can I give a short and sweet definition of blog and blogging for some of my non-techy readers?

What is a blog and blogging: 

A blog is a website where you share information using articles. Now you would have realized that most of the websites you visit every day are blogs. And with blogging used more and more for marketing, almost every website is having a blog page.

Forbes, New York Times, Entrepreneur, CNN, Seattle Times, all these websites are actually blogs sharing news and information using articles.

Blogging is the habit of writing articles online on blog websites. Simply, you have a website where you share information using articles then it’s a blog and writing articles there is blogging.

Sorry if I have gone to a very basic level but that’s necessary sometimes.

Let’s get back to the main thing.

Blogging has the power to change lives. You would not believe but millions of people are making thousands of dollars monthly from blogging online.

Blogging is a passive income method and that’s why anyone even students can do it as a part-time job.

Blogging sometimes is also reffered to as content marketing. And blogging is on fire these days. Everyone including the big companies like Microsoft or people like me and you are using blogging.

That’s why I call blogging- The Ultimate Make Money Online Way

Ok, let’s see why you should start a blog?

The Scope of Blogging

Well, blogging today has been transformed into a multi-million dollar business. And as I said, Everyone is doing it for different reasons.

  1. Blogging for Passion: Blogging is all about writing. And many people who love to write use blogs to get a wider audience. So if you also love to write, it’s time to get more people to read what you write.
  2. Blogging for Money: Once you have traffic flowing on your blog, you can always make money out of it. No matter what you write, you just need traffic on your blog to make money from it.
  3. Blogging for marketing: Earlier I said that Big companies like Microsoft are also using blogging. Yeah, they are too blogging for money like everyone else. But they are having a different approach. They are using blogging for marketing their products and business. Blogging is making more sales for them and that’s why they are using it.
how to start a blog on wordpress

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If you are wondering how blogs make money. Wait, I would be telling you that also shortly once we are finished with this how to start a blog section.

How to become a blogger?

Read this guide on how to start a blog and start a blog and start writing articles there and you are a blogger. In 2019, it has become super easy to start websites whether you are a programmer or not and this “how to start a blog” guide will help you a lot.

How to start a blog website? Don’t know HTML?

We are gonna do it using website builders or using CMS.

In 2019, website builders and CMS’s like WordPress is used more and more.

More than 40% of the internet is powered by WordPress. That means most of the websites you see are powered by WordPress.

how to start a blog wordpress

Whether you know to build websites or not, using WordPress is the easy way and more beneficial.

What is WordPress? Is there any alternative?

According to

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

My site is also powered by WordPress, and WordPress have made blogging more easier for me that’s why in this “how to start a blog guide”, I would show you how to start a WordPress blog that you fully own.

Why use the only WordPress?

There are multiple reasons. But I am gonna list 4 major of them as listed by

  1. Most popular CMS and Website builder
  2. Open Source with room for expansion: It’s open source, so you can edit it but you would never need it. WordPress has so many plugins that can add whatever additional feature you wanna add.
  3. Designed for anyone not just developers
  4. Highly customizable with great flexibility

There are several alternatives like Joomla, Drupal etc. But WordPress is best in business so you don’t need them.

All these CMS’s are free to use for anyone. So never worry about their cost.

How much it costs to start a blog?

I think of blogging as a low investment, high-profit business.

It can be free if you want.

Don’t blog on Free blogs?

Many companies like WordPress itself and Google bloggers gives users opportunities to start a free blog on their platforms. These are absolutely free to use platforms where you can start your own blog and host them for free. But they have many limitations which will make your leave those platforms later.

Here is some main limitation:

  1. Free blogs don’t give you a custom domain: If you want an entirely free blog, you need to use their domain with comes with their platform extension like if you use free blogger then your domain would look like something as
  2. You can’t make much money on their blogs: If you use free blogging platforms like blogger and free then you would not stand in competition and moreover, your revenues will be cut.

That’s why I will recommend you not to use free blogging platforms. You can manage to start a blog which you fully own in less than $3 per month. Yeah, we are gonna do it using Bluehost.

Steps to Start a Blog

We would be starting a blog which you fully own in just 20 minutes in simple 6 steps. I would recommend you to keep following the steps practically while reading. Let’s get started.

1. Choose a Blogging platform

We have already decided, we are gonna use WordPress as our blogging CMS. Because this is the most used and most user-friendly. There are a number of reasons you should use WordPress as your blogging platform which I have already mentioned above.

2. Choose your Blogging Niche

This means choosing the category around which you want to write your articles.

You can choose any niche according to what your expertise is or on what you would love to write.

For example, you can choose Health as your niche, or tech or news blog, life hacks or whatever you want.

If you are thinking of earning money fast from blogging, then choose a blogging niche which is less competitive.

For you here I am listing some niches which are very much competitive. But that does not mean you can’t start a blog on them. But the thing is you would not stand in the competition and it would take a lot of time like years for you to make a considerable amount of money from your blog. But if you can stand out of the competition then the way ahead is full of money.

  1. Health
  2. WordPress tutorial, blogging, SEO
  3. Personal finance
  4. Recipes

But don’t compromise with your like, if you like to write about fitness. Go ahead and choose it as your blogging niche. If you will work hard than no matters how much time it takes but you will get success.

The goal of every blog should be to become a go-to resource for their niche.

3. Get Hosting from Bluehost

This is what that will make your blog website live on the internet and anybody from any location can access your site on the internet.

Hosting is required for every website to be live on the internet. Hosting service gives you a server to store your website files and make it go live on the Internet. is a leading hosting provider. This is the best web hosting service provider in the world and we should always choose #1. Click the image to see their website.

Bluehost is giving a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like their service you can always take your money back. But that’s never gonna happen as they are providing excellent services.

how to start a blog on bluehost

They are giving a free SSL too included in all pans. It cost me 20$ a year when my site was hosted on some other company.

Let’s see which web hosting plan fits you well. They are the best does not mean they can’t be pocket-friendly.

You can host your website with Bluehost in just $2-3 on shared hosting. And you are going to get a free domain with this or any plan.

how to start a blog on wordpress bluehost

You are a new website so hosting your website on a shared server would not make any difference. If you want to get a VPS or dedicated server you can get it too but it will cost you some more money.

I think for new blogs shared hosting is perfect. Let’s see which shared hosting plan will fit your needs.

how to start a blog on bluehost with wordpress

From these plans, you can choose any according to your need.

Now you need to select a plan and you will be given a free domain.

4. Get your Free Domain

Once you select any plan you would be asked to add a free domain to your hosting account.

how to satrt a blog with bluehost on wordpress

For your kind information, Domain is your web address like mine is

You need to choose a domain that looks classy. But it’s not necessary that domain you would like to have is available, maybe someone else has already registered it. You can check below if your domain is available. If not try using some other name.


Once you get your desired domain, checkout and pay your amount.

how to start a blog

Sign up here if you are not logged in or signed up. Pay your amount.

how to start a blog on bluehost with wordpress


After you have paid for your services you would be asked to create a new password just in case you are not signed in already. Create it and move ahead. by clicking the login button.

how to start a blog on wordpress with bluehost

5. Install WordPress on your hosting

Now you a hosting service and a web address(domain). You are all set to go live with your WordPress site.

But before that, you need to install WordPress on your Bluehost hosting. This is super easy on Bluehost as they give you one-click WordPress installation. If you don’t see get started with WordPress and Bluehost button anywhere.

how to start a blog on wordpress

Don’t worry you can do it manually by following the steps I listed down.

  1. Login to your Bluehost account
  2. Login to your Cpanel account
  3. Look for website section and click on the WordPress iconhow to start a blog
  4. You will be redirected to mojomarketplace (a site that has brought together many web applications like WordPress, Joomla etc. You can download WordPress on your site from there in a click. how to start a blog
  5. Now once you click the install button, you would be redirected to a screen where you will be asked to add a domain for your WordPress website. You would be asked for a domain name to install WordPress on. You need to enter your domain name. And leave the directory as it is, this will make WordPress install on your domain root folder. Click the check domain button. how to start a blog
  6. Your WordPress installation would begin and it would take a few minutes. Once it’s installed on your domain, you will see a page where you will be asked to enter your login credentials. Fill it carefully. Do it and you will receive a confirmation email.

It can take some time for your WordPress site to be accessible to you.

Now you can access your WordPress dashboard either from Bluehost or by visiting the link that looks like:

Once you are in the WordPress dashboard. Move on to the final step.

6. Install a Theme and write your first Blog post

By default, twenty sixteen or seventeen themes would be active on your site. But you can change it by visiting appearance on your WordPress dashboard sidebar.

how to start a blog

From appearance, you can go to the themes page.

how to start a blog

You will be redirected on manage themes page. From the top of the page, click add new button.

how to start a blog

If you want to have a premium theme on your blog, you can check the link below and find out which you want, download it and upload it using upload theme button.

Best Blog themes for WordPress

how to start a blog

or you can choose free themes from the list.

I would recommend a premium theme for your blog. As free themes can be poorly coded and can affect SEO.

Once you have installed your desired theme on your blog and customized it according to your need, its time to write your first article.

Write your first post

how to start a blog

You can click that + button from your dashboard then click new post and you would be redirected to an editor page.

how to start a blog

Where you can write your first post and publish it and you are over with this how to start a blog guide. Now keep reading to know how to make it a success.

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Get People to see your Blog

Reading this “how to start a blog” article was your first step towards blogging, the second would be when you actually start a blog and last would be getting readers over it.

Now you have a blog running on the Internet. Now it’s time to make money out of it.

You need traffic to make money out of a website. And getting traffic is where most bloggers fail. But you would not because you are with me.

You know where people will come to read your articles from?

It’s Google and other search engines like Yahoo.

Once you have your blog ready make sure you submit your blog to Google and others.

Read this guide to know how to: how to submit website to google

once your site is indexed by google, start working on your content and SEO.

SEO would help your website rank higher in search engine results page.

Suppose you have an article on “how to make six packs”. Now you would get traffic on this article through search engines if they place this article on 1st place for queries like- How to make six pack, how to create six packs etc.

But they are not gonna do it for you. There are several other websites too having the same article so why Google or any search engine would place only your website on 1st place? If you want Google to do that make your website more likely to search engines, in short, do SEO.

SEO is a wide subject that includes many things to do. But at this phase, you should just focus on content and ON-page SEO. You need to know On-page SEO before you write more articles. This guide would definitely help you. Read this guide once you are over with these how to start a blog guide.

On page SEO guide

Install the Yoast plugin to monitor on-page SEO.

You can get some visitors from social media too by sharing your site with your friends. But that’s not what will help you make money from your blog.

You would only be able to make money from your blog if your articles will rank higher in search results for certain queries.

SEO is a slow process and take months or years to give results. So don’t feel like you will start getting traffic the very next day you launched your blog.

But if you will blogging in the right way, you will get the traffic soon.

And for that, as I said you need SEO. Go and learn some SEO. This list Youtube channels for bloggers to follow will help you a lot with growing your blog.

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Once you have regular visitors on your blog, you can monetize your blog to make money.

Monetize your Blog and Make money out of it

A blog can be monetized in several ways. But I will list 2 of them which are most used.

  1. Running ads on your blog: You can sign up for Adsense or other networks and get your site approved. Once your site will be approved by AdSense or any other ad network, ads will be shown on your website and blog posts and you will be paid for every visitor that see your ads or click them.
  2. Affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is how most bloggers make millions. You need to learn it in depth. So just click the link below and we are over this how to start blog guide.

Affiliate marketing made simple: a definitive guide


I hope that this guide on how to start a blog and make money out of it helped you.

Blogging is hard these days just because it’s trending, once your blog got established in such competition the way ahead is full of earnings.

SEO is what second next thing you should read about after this guide. As this is what will help you get traffic and make money from your blog.

Subscribe to our blog and we will help you personally to grow your blog. You can always ask me anything on the contacts page.

Thanks for reading and do share if you like.

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Share this “how to start a blog” guide with your friends. Please leave a comment below. This would let me know how was this guide and what I need to improve in it.









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