How to make money with amazon self publishing in 2018 ( kindle direct publishing )

How to make money with amazon self publishing ? Yes this is what i am going to discuss with you today. Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world and the name is increasing in size day by day.

There is multiple ways people today are earning passive incomes with amazon and one such passive income method to earn with amazon is kindle direct publishing. That means  by selling kindle e-books on amazon. It is one of the passive income method available on internet and trending today which can earn you thousands of dollars per month if you do it right way.

kindle direct publishing

Amazon kindle platform is growing day by day and publishers , authors and internet marketers are using it to fill up their pockets, then what you are waiting for ? Amazon self publishing or kindle direct publishing is a very easy to use platform to earn money online thus anyone can use it and can make money by publishing e-books online. Amazon has made it EASY for anyone – and I mean ANYONE – to publish e-books and start making money on Kindle. The condition being – you need to do it right way.

How to get started with amazon kindle platform ? how does it works ?

The process is very simple. First of all, you just need to

1, sign up for a kindle direct publishing account. once you are registered with kindle direct publishing , you can easily add your e-book on kindle in minutes. We will get to it later in the article.

To get started, first create an account with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Or simply sign in if you already have one. Then, visit your Dashboard.

2.  You simply fill in the title of your book, author name, description, upload a cover, upload your e-book file, select your book price, and hit publish.

3. Kindle direct publishing will review your e-book and will publish it within 24 hours.

4. After kindle publishes your E-book, Your e-book will be available for sale on amazon.

5. Here ends your work, leave all other work on amazon. Amazon then does most of the selling and marketing for you, while paying you a royalty of up to 70% for every sale. 


All this might sounds easy for you , but believe me earning money is never that easy , you need to put your efforts and work smartly, amazon self publishing is just an opportunity for you.

My this post will tell you all about how to make money with amazon self publishing in 2018 – the right way. 

Lets dive in into the steps to publish your first e-book with kindle direct publishing and sell it on amazon to earn thousands of dollars.

How to publish your First e-book on kindle and sell it on amazon

Step #1 : Choose a profitable niche to write your e-book around

kindle direct publishing

That is obvious, you need to find a topic so that you can write your book about. But it is more than just selecting a  random topic for your e-book. If you want to make passive income by publishing e-books on amazon kindle platform, then you must focus on building a brand so that your e-books rank higher on amazon results. More than that, selecting a profitable niche is important, if you select a niche with high competition like something about health and fitness like how to loose fat, you will be lost among thousands of competitors . Do not choose a topic that no one cares about, i mean which do not get sufficient searches per month.

BOTTOM LINE :  Choose a niche which gets good searches per month that means a niche with high market and low competition.

Go out and do some research to find out what markets are popular about and use with chrome keyword extension tool to see the topic you choose is profitable or not . I will talk about analyzing your selected e-book niche’s profitability in step#2 . Second you want to pick a broad enough market that at least a few titles could be written in the niche.  A perfect example of a broader market is the market that Steve Scott has chosen “Habits.”  Steve picked the niche of habit development and has now written various titles in that niche ranging from Habit Stacking to Developing a walking habit.

If you still feel difficulties in finding a niche which is popular , go and take survey from people about that. You need not to take a tablet and go on streets to ask random people, just ask some people that you know and have some knowledge about e-books. You can always check 141+ kindle profitable niches here.

what about friction e-books ?

yeah ! you can choose them and write your e-book around some friction plot or get someone hired to write a friction story for you. There is no harm.  I think non friction e-books are easy to produce and market so i always go with non friction niches. The final choice is yours.


Step #2 : checkout Profitability Of Your Kindle Book Ideas


Ok , you have decided a book idea to work on. What’s next ? Don’t just start  writing your e-books. You need to do a proper market research before you head on to putting your efforts on that e-book. Many people just write a e-book on any random topic without doing any research and after publishing it they don’t see any results. You should not do the same. Work smartly. There is a difference between hard work and smart work.

1. How to analyze the market of my selected e-book idea ?

One way to see how well books are selling in your chosen category is to look at the “Amazon Best Seller Rank” of some of the top books in your niche.

We will analyze the market around the niche you chose by the auto suggestion method.

When you type something in google search like how to, many auto suggestions came out in the drop-down like how to kiss, how to download youtube vedieos etc. These suggestion are not just random suggestions. These come out when you type how to because these are most searched terms on google with how to.

ebook publishing kindle


The same is the case with amazon search, when you type any word on amazon search, it will show you some of the most searched terms related to the one you typed. It all means that the word you typed is profitable and other profitable ideas in your niche, you can think upon choosing.

Let’s take an example !

Suppose , i want to write a e-book on the niche fitness, so you need to check if there is any market for it on kindle.

Just search recycling on amazon search. Remember to search only n kindle, do not search in all as we want to analyze profitability only in the field of e-books.

CONCLUSION : As you can see above when i typed fitness , it gave me certain ideas to look upon as they were searched frequently on amazon. I got that my niche fitness is profitable as so much related searches are performed on amazon around fitness. You can also choose idea from these auto suggestions too.

2. Let’s check the competition of our e-book idea

That is simple, you can check competition about your idea for example fitness by checking out number of results or competition books.

Type your idea that is fitness in our case and look out for competition books.


You can see that there are 20000 results around your idea that clearly means there is a lot of competion.

Why not you get some other idea around your niche from amazon auto-suggestion like fitness for dummies, fitness for junkies etc and then search for competition level.

kindle self publishing

Only 162 results , that is awesome. This clearly means that this idea do not have much competition.  This makes it much easier for you to rank your book in the Amazon search, so that you can get at the top of the list of search results for the keywords “Acne Treatment”.  The reason why you’d want your book to be able to be at the top of the list of search results, is simply because your book would then be in front of thousands of people that are searching for “Acne Treatment” everyday, which would produce a lot of sales.  Go on write a e-book on such idea and bang on internet.

Now that you have chosen a niche that has a lot of potential for future success and found a category that sells well, it’s time to start brainstorming for the topic of your first book!

My process for brainstorming book topics is to write down about 10 different potential topics in my niche (from previous steps).  So, if I were to going into the Dogs category, I could see that any book related to how Dogs and humans think and communicate is something that people buy.

I’m sure I could come up with a few random titles for this category…

  •  How to communicate with your dog
  • How to Organize Your House with a dog at home
  • Children and Dog relationships
  • etc.

I’m just making this all up at this point, but you get the idea.  Just do some free flowing brainstorming on your specific topic and you are sure to start coming across some topics that could perform well.

By using your own intuition and seeing what books on similar topics are selling well, you can quickly narrow down what the actual subject matter of your book should be.  Unfortunately there is no software where you can punch in your potential book title and see how many copies it will sell.

However, you can use the real world data on Amazon to help you get as close to an accurate estimate as possible.

To see exactly how many searches your e-book ideas gets per month just install keyword extension tool from chrome and search your idea on amazon. You will see on the right how many total searches it gets on amazon per month.

When it comes to analyzing the competition of a niche, the number of other book results isn’t the only factor that you want to look at.  You also want to look at the quality of the books that are at the top of the list of results, to see if you’d have any chance of beating them for their position.  I often look at the cover of the book, the title, number of reviews it has, the price, description, and it’s Amazon bestseller rank.  If the top book results for my niche show up and they all have a large number of reviews (20 or more), then I’d know right away that it’d be a bit difficult to out-rank them and beat them out, as I’d often have to get more reviews than them.

Now, this is just a basic explanation of how to analyze the profitability of a niche, but there is a few more factors you want to look at.  I usually use a software for doing my research now, which makes things much faster and easier.  I recommend a software called AK Elite, as it will basically do the keyword research for you once you pop your keywords into it.  It also has a lot of other cool features, such as finding reviewers for your Kindle book and tracking your books ranking for your keyword.  There are cheaper options as well, such as KD Suite and Kindle Samarai.  All are good and have different features, but I find myself using AK Elite the most, since it’s the most Mac friendly and I don’t need to install additional software to run it.


Step #3: Choose a title for your kindle e-book and create a cover for it

That is important. As in the world of SEO , meta title can ensure higher CTR’s, having a good title for your self published kindle e-book is vital. If your book will have a nice title , it will definitely attract more visitors and will ensure higher clicks thus more sales and ultimately more profit.

Here are a few tips to crafting a great book title:

  • Use a Book Hook: Your book hook should speak to the reader in a unique voice that grabs their attention and feeds into what they are looking for.
  • List the Benefits: Your potential readers want to know what they will get from reading your book. One technique is to deliver the benefits in the subtitle,providing enough tantalizing information to further attract readers.

Similarly an amazing book cover can make your profits bigger. You would not believe but having an amazing book cover can compromise with the need of awesome content, the minimum condition being you can get few paid reviews.

Creating Your Book Cover

When it comes to publishing a successful book on Amazon, having a perfect book cover is one of the most important aspects to get right. Your cover is exactly how your book will be judged on first glance.

So you must make sure that it is created professionally and that it will stand apart from the rest of the books in your genre or category.

You can find cover creators on freelancing sites such as:

Prices will depend on the level service, but these sites will give you plenty of amazing graphic designers to choose from! It’s a great investment that will make your book stand out perfectly.


Uploading Your Manuscript

To upload your manuscript, it first must be saved in a supported kindle format. Once that’s complete, you can upload your book very quickly:

  1. In your KDP account, go to “Your Bookshelf”.
  2. Locate and click on “Kindle eBook Actions” next to the title of book.
  3. Locate and click on “Edit eBook Content”.
  4. Click on “Upload eBook manuscript”.
  5. Upload your manuscript file on your computer.
  6. Upload complete!

Once Amazon finishes uploading your file, a confirmation message will be sent and you can preview the uploaded file to check for any errors. You can upload the manuscript as many times as you want and the new version will override the existing.

It’s important to check how your book looks using the “Look Inside” feature once the book is live on Amazon. This feature is often the first thing your prospective readers will click on when checking out your book. If the formatting is off here, it can deter readers from picking up your book. Take this extra step to make sure your formatting looks good here too.

8. Pricing Your Book

A question often asked is: “How much should I be pricing my book at after the initial launch is over?”

This is up to the author, but generally the best range to have your book priced is between $2.99 to $9.99.

The royalty payments vary depending on the country, but you can learn more on KDP Select pricing page.

One popular strategy for beginners is to price your book at $2.99 and gradually increase it by $1 per week. At some point, your sales will begin to dip. And while that’s normally a negative statistic, for this case, it confidently tells you the perfect price of your book that guarantees profit.

Here are the 4 main pricing strategies to consider in order to be competitive and sell books:

  • Know the price of your competitors. Compare the list price of your book to the books around you and determine if you would be able to sell your book for a higher price.
  • Know the size of your followers. Famous authors can charge a lot for their books because they have a big following. If you’re not in this category, your book should be priced lower to encourage new readers to your work.
  • Determine price based on size of your book. Size makes a difference when it comes to books. Don’t charge $20 for a 75 page book. Customers will immediately be turned off with the lack of content at that price point.
  • Measure price based on reviews. Reviews carry a big weight on influence, and is social proof that your book has been read and well received. Therefore, a book with higher reviews (1000+ reviews) can be priced higher compared to a book with fewer reviews (30+ reviews).




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