SEO SEM SMO- The difference and All You Need to know

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SEO SEM SMO! Yeah, you heard it right. The age is of internet and internet seems to be a vital resource for everyone. You can’t say no to the fact that millions of people are making money online in the internet age. And you can too make money online.


Why do we need to know about SEO SEM SMO?


If you want to make money online from scratch, its time for you to learn some SEO(Search engine optimization). Once you have some pretty well knowledge of SEO, you can always make money with google either with a blog or a website and with Amazon either with a physical product or an ebook. Or if you own a business then its time for you get online and find more customers to make more money. Is it that easy? No, getting online alone will not get you more customers, you need to optimize your business website for more traffic and for that you need SEO. Don’t worry, We will talk about SEO SEM SMO each in detail soon in the post.

In business SEO alone cannot fulfill your all requirements, you will need to know about SEM too so that you don’t lack the competition.


SEO is all about Google’s search algorithm and Google has made it clear that SEO+SMO is the ultimate combination of your online success.

The conclusion is you need to know about all SEO SEM SMO before you get online and take some bold steps.

Confused! let’s talk about each of SEO SEM SMO in detail one by one.




What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. That means optimizing your website for search engines. More simple, making your website like what search engines like the most. This is one of the marketing tactics to get more traffic, sales or leads whatever you call them from search engines for free.

Why we need SEO?

Ok, suppose you started a website where you share information on fitness. And you wrote an article about “How to make six packs!” and surprisingly you can make thousands of dollars from this article but only when people will see your article. Now, the work of SEO is to get your website visitors from search engines. All major search engines such as GoogleBing, and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

If some will type “How to make six packs” on google then google will so the most SEO optimized website at the first. So the website that ranks first will get most visitors and thus more money.

If you can optimize your website for the best then you would probably rank on google for the keyword “how to make six packs and you will get the most traffic thus most money out of that article”. SEO gets you traffic for free from search engines.

How to SEO?

SEO is an ever-changing environment. SEO is nothing but making your website more likely to search engines by following their algorithm. But the difficulty is their algorithm is too long and they make over 600 changes every year to their algorithm. They don’t share their ranking factors(algorithm) openly and that’s the most disgusting thing about SEO.

First Step toward SEO?

Ok, google will never rank your website or blog for any search query(keyword) if google doesn’t know that your website exists online.

Now the question is how to make Google know- you too have a website and you want to rank it for some keywords?

The first- how to make google know you too have a website so that you can atleast rank for your website name. The answer is submitting your site to google search console that will list your website in google search directory.

The second question- How to make Google know you want to rank your website for some keyword?

The answer is keyword optimize your content or website. That’s one of the SEO tactics. This will make Google realize that this post or website is optimized around the keyword say “how to make six packs” so Google will give you a chance to rank for that keyword. Keyword optimization is just one of the thousands of SEO tactics so you need to take care of all them to actually rank in Google’s first page for any search query.

SEO is a vast topic so I can’t write all about SEO tactics in this single post but I have created a post which will help you get started with “how to SEO your website“.




SEM stands for search engine marketing. This is also a marketing tactic to drive traffic to your website using paid search results.


SEO is hard to do. If you have optimized to the best then also there is no surety that your blog or website will rank 1 on google or search engines. But your money has the power to do make things happen which seems impossible. If you are willing to pay Google for ranking you 1 in their search results then google will help you out and rank you there.

Many business website owners still consider SEO better than SEM because first of all SEO is free and second SEO ensures more traffic.

Let’s make all things clear from an example:

Ok, you already had an article about “how to make six pack” on your website and you want that Google should rank you 1 for the same keyword so most of the people typing “how to make six pack” ultimately lands on your website but that’s not easy if you want it rank organically that means you want your website to appear 1 in organic results, you need SEO and SEO is hard. But with SEM, you can rank for the same keyword 1st on Google in Google’s paid result. But you need to pay for that.

SEM is a tactic used to drive traffic to your blog or website using google’s paid results. it’s less effective than SEO but still works well.



SMO stands for social media optimization. You know it very well that you can get traffic from social media also if you or anybody share your content on facebook, twitter or any social platform.

In other words “Social Media Optimization helps to increase the visibility of your website’s Social media profiles, social activities and published content, which helps people to search the resources and information related to your content. Moreover, it helps to drive traffic to your blog or website, make it easy to share for others in their circle, create a community around your brand and helps search engine to index your social media activities, social profiles and blog posts with ease. Yeah, that’s why you should start doing SMO today.


But that’s not the online benefit of getting on social media for your business and blog. Google considers social media engagements like shares and facebook page, twitter handle popularity etc things to decide your google rankings. SMO along with SEO helps to improve the ranking of the website on the search engine. Since the search engines collect data from the social media such as Google + and show them in the results, it has gained importance.

SMO is all about making your website or blog more search engine friendly thus you should do the following things to optimize your website for social media and search engines.

  1. Integrate Social Into Your Website: Put links for sharing your content on social media and links to your social media profiles.
  2. Consistency is Key to SMO: Share your content regularly on social media

That’s not enough, I have some more things you need to do to SMO but for that, i have created a separate post. Link below:

SMO – What is social media optimization and how to do it, all you need to know in 2018



SEO SEM SMO, all these tactics are an important aspect of your online presence. If you have deep knowledge of these (SEO SEM SMO) then you are most likely to stand out in the competition.

If your aim is to rank 1 google and don’t care about money then definitely SEM will get you fast results. SEO is a slow process and takes times for giving results but yet most beneficial.

SMO goes hand in hand with SEO. SMO is nothing hard to do but getting to know all these SEO SEM SMO can ultimately yield money for you online.


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Mohit Paliwal

I am a professional blogger from India . I like to explore the web, learn new stuff and deliver it to my audience. I had been looking for an online job for many years. Now I make a living through blogging. Thus I like to teach people how they can too make passive income online. I write everything that surround s money. I write about SEO.

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    I saw your tweets and thought I will check your website. Have to say it looks very good!
    I’m also interested in this topic and have recently started my journey as young entrepreneur.

    I’m also looking for the ways on how to promote my website. I have tried AdSense and Facebok Ads, however it is getting very expensive.
    Can you recommend something what works best for you?

    I also want to improve SEO of my website. Would appreciate, if you can have a quick look at my website and give me an advice what I should improve:
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    1. Thanks, Jan zac for reading and commenting and also for subscribing. Well, Talking about your website Niche, Its similar to my website Niche. I don’t know anything about investing so no comments about content. But It would be better for you if you can do some work on your website looks and can organize content in a better way.
      Now coming to promotion, Be patience and create quality content regularly. Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and tell them to share too. Well, my website is also new and I am also not getting a considerable amount of traffic but in this phase, I am only working on my content. Things take time to start working in the field of blogging. Ads are effective for business websites but I don’t think they are of much value for blog websites. I don’t know if your website is a blog or something else.
      Backlinks are important for SEO but now in the post-penguin era, Quality of backlinks matters, not quantity. If you want a backlink from me, You can mail( me a guest post around money where you can include links to your website and i will publish it on my blog(If it is worth posting). This way, you can get some backlinks and I can come out of my content shortage problem.
      I am too in the promotion phase but yet I am not using paid services and i will advice you not to do that too.
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