Top YouTube Channels for Bloggers to Follow and Subscribe

youtube channels for bloggers

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And it’s growing. With more and more and more professionals using YouTube for digital marketing and as well as making money. YouTube is transforming into a go-to resource on any topic. Talking about YouTube channels for bloggers to follow and subscribe, there are many channels on YouTube talking about SEO and blogging but not all of them are reliable. If you are a blogger you should follow some famous and awesome YouTube channels for blogging success.

People love to learn through videos instead of blogs or articles. And that’s why probability is there that most bloggers will soon use YouTube for content marketing instead of their own blogs.

Most digital marketers and bloggers are already on YouTube, teaching their skills and sharing experiences using free videos and tutorials. Everything is free on YouTube. Thus it becomes advantageous for you as a blogger to follow these YouTube channels and get successful in content marketing Industry.

So, here is a list of top digital marketers and YouTube channels for bloggers to follow and subscribe. That can help your blog and content marketing efforts show results and growth.

Here we go 🙂

1. Neil Patel’s YouTube channels for bloggers to follow

We all know Neil Patel. He is the co-founder of Crazyegg and Kissmetrices. He writes on his own blog And I love his writing skill. He is the new york times best-selling author. One of the top entrepreneurs in the world. And the top SEO.

top youtube channel for bloggers to subscribe neil patel

Neil Patel has already started a YouTube channel with his own name Neil Patel. The channel is so amazing as on his channel Neil Patel discloses all SEO tactics he uses to rank 1 on google. Some advance SEO stuff and obviously marketing tactics.

With 139,673 subscribers, his channel is growing and growing.

The biggest reason you should subscribe to his YouTube channel is that you can ask him any question on YouTube in the comments section. And believe me, he would not take more than a day to answer your query in his words.

On his Q and A Thursday videos, he often addresses questions from people like us.

Here is a review list what you can learn on his YouTube channel

  • Best SEO tactics and Hacks
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • You can interact with Neil on YouTube easily
  • And of course, he will teach you to blog for money as well as success

Neil Patel’s YouTube channel is so awesome that it has got first place on our list of top YouTube channels for bloggers to follow:) That was just for keyword optimization.

Just go on his channel and hit subscribe and bell Icon, down is the link:


2. Google Webmaster

top youtube channels for bloggers google webmasters

Google Webmaster’s YouTube Channel can be a great resource for SEO beginners. If you are a newbie blogger and are not aware of the SEO world properly then Google webmaster’s YouTube channel is the best place to get some real clue what works best in the SEO world and what does not.

They also often address queries from their audience on their channel. Google webmaster is a channel operated by Google, so it’s always best to know more about SEO with one who works in Google.

The channel has 258,772 subscribers and it talks about each and every aspect of SEO for bloggers.


3. Moz YouTube channel

Top 10 youtube channels for bloggers darren rowse

Moz is one of the top blogs and name in the SEO industry. If you are interested in learning SEO in detail with each and every topic covered. You should consider watching and subscribing to Moz’s YouTube channel.

They have got everything about SEO covered in their videos with some hacks and tricks. Tis channel is just awesome as it has such a large number of videos so that I can never finish watching them.


4. Darren Rowse YouTube channel

top youtube channels for bloggers to subscribe darren rowse

Darren Rowse from pro blogger is on YouTube and there he is teaching people to blog for success and Money. His blogging tips are insanely actionable and his tips and tricks are just more than awesome. Pro blogger is one of the largest blogs on earth. So there is no doubt that his tutorials would be just more than awesome.

On his YouTube channel, he often publishes videos from subjects like:

  • Affiliate marketing case studies
  • Mind Maps
  • Money making tips and more

He is not as active on YouTube as others like Neil Patel but yet his channel is worth subscribing.


5. Smart Passive Income

The YouTube channel is maintained by the main behind smart passive Income Pat Flynn. His blog SPI is one of the most money-making blogs. So no doubt he expertise in making money blogging.

Pat’s videos are some of the most valuable and educational you’ll ever watch as a budding entrepreneur.

It’s one of the best YouTube channels for bloggers to follow and subscribe.

Pat post videos on topics like:

  • Online business strategies
  • SEO sometimes
  • Blogging tips
  • Podcast tutorials and make money online like things

Pat’s YouTube channel is having over 100,000 subscribers and it’s growing.

You can visit his channel here:


6. Lisa Irby YouTube channel for bloggers

Lisa is the owner of and his blog is quite popular. She is active on YouTube with over 150 educational videos.

Lisa is having over 90,000 subscribers on YouTube and it’s always growing.

She is a professional and successful blogger and thus she often posts videos on

  • Blog development
  • Blog monetization
  • getting visitors on your blog
  • Blog marketing and Case studies


7. Nathalie Lussier

Nathalie is a professional blogger blogging mainly at 

Nathalie is a business strategist, digital visionary and of course, a blogger. She publishes info-packed videos on YouTube including tips on:

  • Selling yourself and your product and services
  • online business advice
  • self-improvement
  • WordPress training
  • WordPress SEO and much more online money-making things


8. Brian Dean’s YouTube channel for bloggers to follow

If you have ever visited, you would be knowing how awesome and practical content Brian writes.

He calls himself best in business when it comes to link building. And he is a master SEO too.

He keeps on conducting case studies and SEO experiments. And these serve as the best resource any digital marketer can look at to know what really works in the world of content marketing.

He talks about SEO hacks in his YouTube videos. YouTube SEO is one of the subjects he teaches on his YouTube channel.

As said earlier, he masters the art of link building and link building is an important SEO aspect so if you are looking for SEO learnings and wanna rank higher in Google fast. Consider watching his videos and subscribing to him.

Here is the link:


9. Create and Go YouTube Channel for bloggers to follow

Most probably you would have heard about It is a very famous blog about blogging. Operated by Alex and Lauren, the guys behind createAndGo.

Their blog is no doubt a go-to resource on blogging.

But most people would not think that their YouTube channel is worth listing in this list. But I think they have got every single tips and trick, it takes to make your blog a success and that’s the only you should subscribe to their YouTube channel.

They publish videos on how to make money blogging and be successful in content marketing Industry.

Visit their channel:


10. Miss IIeane Speaks

Miss Ileane Smith is a popular blogger and she is recognized in the blogging community because of her very famous blog and

His YouTube tutorial video topic includes:

  • Podcasting
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • YouTube tips
  • WordPress
  • Website tips and online tools.

Check out  latest videos on Miss Ileane’s channel and subscribe here. 

This was the last from our rocking list of top YouTube channels for bloggers to follow and subscribe 🙂



With YouTube growing more and more, Content marketers are using it more and more. The best part of YouTube is free and you can learn a lot of thongs about blogging from YouTube.

This list would help you get started. I personally recommend you following Neil Patel and Brain Dean on YouTube for SEO success.

Thanks and share the list of top YouTube channels for bloggers to follow and subscribe.

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